Town Name: Western Springs Illinois
Main Zip Code: 60558
Estimated Population: 13,390
Estimated Ave. Home Value: $535,600
Near Metra Train Line: Yes

About Western Springs, IL

Western Springs is a village in the western Chicago suburbs known for excellent schools and high-valued homes, located 15 miles from the Chicago Loop. It offers a charming downtown with many local shops and restaurants, as well as a Metra commuter train station. Western Springs was ranked #2 in a list of best places to raise children by Business Week in 2007 based on living costs, schools, low crime rates, and recreational activities. The estimated population of Western Springs is roughly 13,390 people with the estimated median home value of $535,600.

Western Springs is part of the District 101 and 106 public school system and feeds into the highly regarded Lyons Township High School. Lyons Township High School is in District 204 and has two campuses: North Campus is for juniors and seniors and located in La Grange, and South Campus for freshman and sophomores is in Western Springs. Lyons Township High School is the 8th largest public high school in Illinois and was ranked 17th in Illinois for academic performance. St. John of the Cross Roman Catholic elementary school is a private institution located in the town as well.

Western Springs has a quaint feel with historical significance, most notably with a large stone water tower featured in the middle of the town square. The village actively serves its community with the Grand Avenue School and Community Center, as well as a nationally recognized Theatre of Western Springs. There are many tree-filled lots, and the Park District adds to that by providing 10 neighborhood parks, 1 community park, and several other recreational areas for the residents.

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