dan spain group team photo

dan spain group team photo

Who We Are

We are The Dan Spain Group. The name of our organization says it all: we’re a group of well-rounded individuals headed by Dan Spain and committed to all things real estate. Dan Spain has been a real estate broker since 2010 and launched the Dan Spain Group in 2017.

The Dan Spain Group success is skyrocketing and won’t slow down anytime soon. We have closed over $80 million in real estate and $40 million has come in just the last three years. Business is flowing in and our team has continued to expand as a result of that growth. We’re an experienced real estate team and are eager to help ALL buyers and sellers in the western Chicago suburbs!


What We Offer

#1 We’re Locals. This team was born and raised in the western Chicago suburbs, most of whom still live here today, so nobody knows this area better than we do. Dan Spain grew up in La Grange Park and went to Lyons Township High School, then moved back to town with his wife, a former teacher employed by the Western Springs public school district, to raise their kids in this community. Other members of the Dan Spain Group are from La Grange, Western Springs, Hinsdale, and Burr Ridge. Clients can definitely trust our humble team for outstanding personal customer service in this market.

#2 We’re Diverse. The Dan Spain Group is comprised of different subject matter experts in real estate, all with varying backgrounds that add to the success of this organization. Dan Spain has been in the real estate industry for over a decade, with experience in buying and selling, as well as new construction and property renovation. But before real estate, Dan came from the finance world, so he saw value in creating a team of individuals with multi-faceted strengths. Collectively, our team members have skills in real estate, construction, finance, sales, marketing, art and design, education, operations and client services – just to name a few.

#3 We’re Holistic. We live and breathe real estate, but really pride ourselves on knowing the whole process. The Dan Spain Group has the ability to be involved from start to end, and then re-involved again for repeat customers. Our team helps clients with the buying and selling of their homes, whether it’s from La Grange to Western Springs, moving from Chicago to the suburbs, or even completely relocating from outside the Chicagoland area. We also help clients remodel their homes for improved selling, as well as renovate client’s newly purchased properties to create their dream home. Finally, The Dan Spain Group develops new construction homes and purchases flip properties to sell. So when we say we do it all, we mean it.


What We’ll Share

Now let’s narrow in on this blog. Because the Dan Spain Group is so diverse in team knowledge and our projects span the real estate development space, we really want to share content that hits a large variety of topics. We’ll cover home buying and selling, real estate financing, remodeling and renovation, house flipping and new construction. We also work with investors who are looking to invest in multi-family properties or mixed use buildings. We want to provide tips, tricks and our experiences to help readers navigate these subjects  – from sharing the latest market trends sweeping the nation, to featuring significant movements in our local Chicago suburbs. We’ll also be sure to give progress updates on our current and upcoming projects so you can follow our journey. We hope our blog content keeps you interested and informed, with a glimpse of the industry from our perspective!